What’s in Your Cabinet?

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Six professionals reveal the one medical item everyone should have in the home.

Henrico Monthly
December 2014

Jessica Frankenhoff, MD
VCU Medical Center
Upper Extremity and Peripheral Nerve Center
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
I always have Coban (aka Coflex, elastic self-adhesive tape) on hand. It sticks to itself and not your skin, helps with swelling and keeps bandages on and dirt out! It’s ouchless for the kiddos, durable enough to withstand wear and tear during manual labor and inexpensive. We even use it in lieu of ACE wraps to secure splints in clinic.

Michael Armstrong, MD
Richmond Ear, Nose and Throat
We always keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the house in case one of the dogs eats something he shouldn’t, like chocolate, onions or avocados. All of these are toxic to dogs. The peroxide fizzes and empties his stomach efficiently.

Gregory Lynam, MD
Richmond Surgical Arts
Exam gloves. We have seen how many diseases can spread so wearing gloves when touching blood or body fluids is the smart thing to do!

Jennifer Sheehan, MD
Stony Point Surgery Center
Neosporin is a great multipurpose ointment to keep around to treat minor wounds. Keeping small cuts and scrapes covered with Neosporin not only staves off infection, but also improves healing (less scarring)!

Robin Williamson, RN
Stony Point Surgery Center
Thermometer. Everyone should keep a thermometer on hand to check for fevers. Two of the most popular ones are digital electronic thermometers and ear canal thermometers. Make sure to dispose of older thermometers that have mercury.

Edwin Wortham V, MD
Virginia Pediatric Ophthalmology Specialists
I’d recommend a “chill pill” because people overreact too much! Secondly, you should definitely keep over-the-counter eyewash in your medicine cabinet. Eyewashes are a quick and easy way to wash out the eye in order to help relieve irritation, stinging, discomfort and itching by removing loose foreign material, air pollutants such as smog or pollen, and chlorinated water, which can cause burning.