Oncoplastic Surgery

oncoplastic surgery

Each year in the United States, close to 260,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. While the types of breast cancers vary almost as much as the women who are diagnosed with them, more is known about breast cancer than ever before and, today, women have options.

Oncoplastic breast surgery involves removing the cancerous calls (lumpectomy) and augmenting the breast (reconstruction) in the same surgical procedure. By allowing the plastic surgeon to step in after the lumpectomy is completed, patients avoid the need to undergo a second surgery for breast reconstruction.

Dr. Clifford Lanier Deal III and Dr. Gregory Lynam of Stony Point Surgery Center perform oncoplastic breast surgery.

No matter where you are in your journey with this illness, the specialists at Stony Point Surgery Center can offer comprehensive treatment options to help manage any phase of the disease. And with renowned surgeons such as Dr. Deal and Dr. Lynam, oncoplastic breast surgery is a viable and convenient option for those seeking treatment.

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