Oncoplastic Surgery

Types of Oncoplastic Surgery

Modified Radical Mastectomy

modified radical mastectomy

There are many new and innovative treatments for breast cancer. Modified radical mastectomy was the treatment of choice before lumpectomy was found to be as effective.

In modified radical mastectomy - which is still required in a few cases - all of the breast tissue and the lymph nodes in the armpit are removed. Reconstruction has traditionally been done in a second procedure, and may involve transfer of tissues from other parts of the body, or tissue expanders to slowly stretch the skin, followed by implant placement.

Lumpectomy and Implants

lumpectomy and implants
New oncoplastic procedures allow case-specific treatments. In all "lumpectomies", the cancer and surrounding tissue are removed, and immediate plastic surgery is performed. Depending upon the location of the tumor and the patient's anatomy and preferences, there are a number of choices.

A small-breasted woman might desire larger breasts. Breast implants would be inserted to increase breast size.

Lumpectomy and Reduction or Lift

lumpectomy and reduction or lift

A woman with larger or ptotic ("droopy") breasts may opt for breast reduction procedures, with or without implants. As always, every patient is different and is treated with a plan designed for her and with her.